Learn AP Style 

Sponsored by Ragan Communications

Moderated by Paula Froke

Editor of the Associated Press Stylebook

·         What are the rules on “they” or “their” as a singular pronoun?
·         Should you put punctuation at the end of every bullet in a list?
·         What about the Oxford vs. serial comma debate?

Find the answer to these and other exciting writing and editing questions through the AP Style Updates webinar, sponsored by Ragan Communications. Those of us who saw it live yesterday gave it high ratings — you can decide for yourself by watching here, FOR FREE!  

Watch Recording — 90 min. No questions and answers because this was pre-recorded.
I encourage anyone who does writing or editing for our publications, particular any of our newsletter writer/editors to take advantage of the webinar. The slide deck is attached for reference.  Download Slides

You too can become a style geek!