Women on the Move


Designed to profile leaders who demonstrate a high potential for increased responsibility and accountability in the Postal Service. 


Open to all EAS 19 and above NETWORK members who are currently prepared to move into EAS 22 through PCES positions. Applicant must be a member in good standing one year prior to the application deadline.

Special Criteria

Applicants must be willing to accept assignments from a wide range of locations across the nation.

Dare to Soar


NETWORK members to demonstrate technical knowledge and the ability to manage people.


Open to all EAS 15-18

My Sister's Keeper


Designed to mentor and prepare our sisters to develop skills and abilities to help them move to the next level.


Open to all Craft NETWORK members.    

Each One Reach One

"Each One Reach One" is a membership program which is unique among Postal Organizations. It provides financial assistance to members seeking educational opportunities which will enable them to achieve their career goals. "Each One Reach One" embraces talented women of all levels nurturing them along in their career aspirations. Since 1991 this program has provided more than $30,000 in scholarship money to postal women enrolled in college.

Community Outreach

NETWORK chapters are active participants in the community. They provide scholarships for high school seniors and needy college students.

NETWORK groups also support foster children homes. In addition, some chapters are patrons for local theatre groups.