The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings and perform such other duties as may be incident to her office.

The Chairperson or designee (designee must be a member of the National Board) and the Treasurer shall countersign all checks drawn on the organization funds by the treasurer. The Secretary shall be authorized to countersign checks in the absence of the Chairperson.

The Chairperson shall appoint all committee Chairpersons; may serve as Chairperson of the National Board, scheduling and conducting regular and special meetings as required. Make all necessary appointments with the approval of the National Board; Be an Ex-officio member of all standing committees and Special committees, except the nominating election committee; serve as a liaison between the National Organization and the USPS Headquarters; perform such functions as deemed advisable when requested by the National Board; Assist Regional Representatives with Chapter formation within their geographical regions.

The Vice-Chairperson shall include those as assigned by the Chairperson. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall preside over all business meeting normally chaired by the Chairperson. In the event of death, resignation, removal, or incapacity of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall assume, as soon as possible, the position and duties of the Chairperson, with full power and authority to perform as such until the election of the Chairperson at the next meeting.

The Secretary shall act as the Administrator of the organization and she shall perform such administrative duties as required. She will record the minutes of each meeting accurately, be responsible for notices, correspondence and other duties as assigned by the Chairperson. She shall provide minutes of meeting to all board members and maintain an approved copy.

The Treasurer will receive all checks for membership dues and shall deposit immediately. The Treasurer will countersign all checks, or sign as authorized; maintain records for all financial reports on the same. She will be responsible for deposition of all national organization funds properly and promptly. She shall levy fines to members equivalent to the cost to the organization for uncollected checks due to insufficient funds, example, she shall have all books and records available for inspection by the National Board. Submit financial records and book (s) and audit at the end of the elected term and upon request of the board; prepare a financial statement prior to the submission of the book for audit; prepare all necessary records for the IRS as required; be an Ex-Officio member of the nation finance committee. Report on members in good standing on request of the National Chairperson or Board.

The Newsletter Editor shall publish quarterly NETWORK newsletter and an Annual Membership Directory.

The Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for chairing all projects to increase membership. She shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of membership and submitting reports on the same to the National Board. She shall be responsible for sending out annual dues notices, paid membership cards, and new membership kits. She shall provide a paid membership roster to each chapter and the National Board by March 1 of each calendar year. She shall provide membership address labels to National Board Members, as requested.

The Regional Board Members shall perform liaison or coordination responsibility for specific chapters according to their respective geographical locations. Attend, report and vote at National membership meetings and at National Board Meetings; perform other duties as assigned by the National Chairperson; work with the Chairperson in assisting chapters in their assigned area with solving problems, information sharing, and membership chapter chartering; report all activities to the Chairperson on a regular basis.

The Parliamentarian assists the Chairperson and members in answering Parliamentary Inquiries and responding to points of order. She advises officers and committees on revisions and resolutions. She gives an opinion and the presiding officer makes the ruling; serves as Parliamentarian at Board Meetings; National Membership/Training Conference and other meetings as assigned.

Sergeant-At-Arms assists in maintaining order, and is keeper of the door at general membership meetings and national board meetings and assist in floor votes. She shall be the Chairperson for the credential committee. She may handle arrangements of equipment and comfort (water, heat, air-conditioning, and policy smoking) and may have charge of the ushers or hostess/host.

Newly Elected Officer/Board Members shall be installed at the annual National Membership/Training Conference of the election year. They will immediately assume their assigned duties. Files, records, and books must be submitted to the Elected Incoming Officers/Board Members, no later than January 1 of the new calendar year.